Capcom has opened the offical Biohazard DS (Deadly Silence) website. The website currently lacks any real substance besides the screenshots but look for that to change in the coming months. The game, which was hinted at a while back but seemed to have been pegged as a rumor will take use of many of the Nintendo DS handhelds features.

Another site which opened recently is the Biohazard 4 PS2 website , though this site too lacks any real information as of right now as well.

Both developments were covered at Gamespot as well .

Something Im a bit late on, The announcment of Biohazard DS.

Gamespot has some news on RE4 for PS2, mainly they shed some light on Ada's new role in her brand new single player game (included in RE4 PS2).

Gamespot has also posted a new video of Resident Evil 4 for PS2. IGN has two up.