Just a small update here, Since almost every mag in the US now will be covering Resident Evil 5 I went ahead and picked up the most I could find. Heres the round up:

Game Informer comes in first with its September issue. Those of you looking to purchase it should know that this issue has two different covers for this month. Inside it has very high resolution pictures of RE5 as well as a short article on it.

Gamepro is next with its small column on RE5. Funny enough they mistake Chris for Carlos! At the back of the magazine is an ad for RE4 PS2. It features the Garrador and Leon surrounded in green mist.

Play magazine is next with an equally small column on RE5.

Finally PSM rounds out the bunch with its swimsuit issue. Inside is a rendition of Ada, Leon, and Ashley all in rather skimpy outfits. The women seem to have had some..uh...enlargment done since the events of RE4 though...*ahem* :rolleyes:. On PSM's site you can also find a wallpaper of said artwork, which we have mirrored here.

Also Im trying to find the last issue of PSM which reportedly featured a ton of RE4 info. I managed to snag a copy of the Famitsu with RE: DS info inside so look forward to that in a few weeks.