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Thread: Resident Evil 4 Pre-Order madness!

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    Default Resident Evil 4 Pre-Order madness!

    Capcom has opened pre-orders on two editions of Resident Evil 4. The first is the standard deal, this time including a shirt along with the game. However the second is something really special! Its a special collectors pack which includes
    -Resident Evil 4
    -Resident Evil 4 Shirt
    -Biohazard Sound Chronicles
    -Resident Evil 4 NECA Leon Figure

    If you missed your chance at the Sound Chronicle last time, now is the time to get it but hurry! This pack is limited at only 100 made! I know for a fact that the number is now 97 or less since I managed to snag 3. The price is a tad high, but considering how much Sound Chronicles alone went for you are getting a serious deal here!

    Resident Evil 4 Standard (With T-Shirt). - $39.95
    Resident Evil 4 Collectors Bundle (T-Shirt, Figure, Sound Chronicle) LIMITED TO 100! - $119.95

    Big thanks goes out to Resident Evil Network!

    Also those of you looking for a high resolution box shot of the PS2 version of RE4, look no further:
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