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Thread: Seven more videos! Including Krausers first appearance!

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    Default Seven more videos! Including Krausers first appearance!

    Update 3: Two people kindly noted that Ramon Spikes is corrupt. They were right so I had to remove it. Thanks go out to them, so Im sorry but I lost the original file they were encoded from so Ill have to skip it. It was not a major scene and was simply a puzzle where spikes come down from the cieling. So nothing major lost.

    Update 2: Well the server is back online, Im re uploading all the videos on this update as well as a new one. It is now listed below as well. Please do not download 35 and onward until 42 appears. Some of them were corrupted last night when the server went down.

    Update: Ive had to re-institue the old login and password. Those of you who requested it should have it already. Sorry for this but we keep brining our hosts server down with too many requests. If you would like the login and password please email me using this link
    Click Here

    Heres the update list for now. On a side note we might be going down off and on, It seems a lot of people are downloading and our host has to keep restricting the site. So please use a download manager that supports resume. The files should be up within the hour so keep checking the re4 page. Right hand was quite possibly the best boss fight yet!

    035 - Rejoin
    037 -
    038 - Ramon with
    039 - Ramon Leon
    040 - Right
    041 - Sadler
    042 - Two El

    I have work in a few hours but once im done Ill update this post with a few more.
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