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    Default gets an advance copy of Extinction

    While its not huge news, has received an advance copy of the upcoming Blu-Ray release. They show off some pictures of the disc, which utilizes Blu-Ray's newly updated Profile 1.1, which was just released to Playstation 3 owners yesterday. The new profile adds the ability for disc authors to add a Picture in Picture screen. One key difference between HD DVD and Blu-Ray's implementation of this is, Blu-Ray allows for the Picture in Picture video to be full 1080p resolution as well as the main feature. Allowing you to switch between which will be shown fullscreen and which will be in the picture in picture window, while HD DVD's bandwidth limits only allow for an SD resolution Picture in Picture. preview

    While Im posting, I might as well mop up some lingering tidbits that have happened over the past week. Jill Valentine will be included in the upcoming Wii game We Love Golf. She is joined by numerous Capcom characters, though she appears to be the only Resident Evil character to make an appearance.

    Jill in We Love Golf

    For all you figure collectors out there, Gaya Entertainment will be releasing the first in a series of 1/6th scale statues based off Resident Evil Characters. In January, you can pick up the Resident Evil 1 Tyrant which looks to be extremely detailed. He carries a hefty price though, coming in at nearly $200. The sets will be limited to 1500 pieces. Later figures will be Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, William Birkin (In G Form), Albert Wesker, and Nemesis

    Play Asia Preorder

    Thanks to Rewak, BLSR1 and distantmantra from NeoGaf!
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