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Thread: Downloads Return!

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    Default Downloads Return!

    We are still within our bandwidth limit so sorry to those of you who got cut off. We did use about 11GB during the last set being posted. Heres the next batch!

    All of these videos contain major spoilers as they are the "end game" scenes! The current password is back on so get downloading! I dont think there will be anymore story related scenes in the mini games but if there is Ill be posting those as well. But for now, This is it.

    Click here to send feedback about the videos

    061 -
    062 - Leon
    063 - Rescue
    064 - Remove
    065 - Sadler Boss,
    066 -
    067 - Hunnigan
    068 - Assignment Ada -- Ada Minigame
    069 - Assignment Ada Ending and -- Ada Minigame
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