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Thread: Your help is required.

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    Just found this interesting post in another forum

    there's 2 pics i ain't seen out of them ones and it's the first batch of 6 pics (top right and middle right I ain't seen at all the others i've already seen) hope that helps.

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    Superscare, that'd be great

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    The Biohazard 2 Value Plus on Dreamcast has some early artworks in it's image gallery. I can't confirm if they are the same on the PC version, or on the Resident Evil release, but I'm guessing they are (I just haven't played the other versions).

    There's a sketch of Leon with a dog. Anyone have any idea if the dog was to have any role in gameplay? Or ever just Leon's back story (Canine unit or something)?
    There's also sketches of William (1.5 style), and the spider-man monster. There are also some early zombie works as well as a regular spider, and the giant alligator, which I haven't seen elsewhere.

    EDIT: There are 60 images in total. They have to be unlocked by playing the game. I'm not sure how you do this but. I just played ClaireA and LeonB on nightmare mode a few times, as well as he Hunk and Tofu missions and got them all.
    I'm sure you guys could just rip them off the disc but.
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    To see some new re artworks is always great for me, it would be just fantastic if someone could post them here or give the link were they can be viewed.
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    I have 19 Gigabytes of BIOHAZARD Stuff Including Images,videos,magazines and PSX Games hehe.

    Anybody got the link to marvins page the one that has all of those magazine scans?

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