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    Default News Page Setup

    Alright this is much better, no more manualling adding news posts and such in a bad format. For now commenting is restricted because the setup for that is not done and will take awhile to do (Not even sure how long). At one point during working on the site I had this whole news section complete and then we lost it because of a server change. It's back better than before now though, so no worries. The only thing I need to note is that all the news posts before this one are labled wrong when it comes to who posted them and the time/date. All future news posts will be accurate.

          I've also slightly updated the 'preview' layout that you're looking at right now. Nothing really notable, only that I'm getting it ready for the site launch. Making sure that everything will work with a change of one variable.

          Besides that, just stick around everybody. The most interesting things are to come.

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