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Thread: RE5 to have collector's edition at 89.99$

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    Question, has the idea of the collector's edition including Resident Evil 1.5 been brought up or thought of before? I don't see such a mention in this thread which surprises me, considering the sheer amount of fascination with the unreleased Resident Evil 2 that was scrapped.

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    To be perfectly honest, some of us have wanted RE 1.5 as bonus disk since it was discovered that 1.5 even existed. We thought maybe the 5 year anniversary would have it, or the 10 year anniversary would have it, then when the games got ported to the GC, we thought that would be a perfect time to release it, but alas. Capcom has locked this project into their vaults and the janitor in charge of the key was killed in a terrible "grease fire" at Mikami's house.

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