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Thread: Degeneration Interview with Hiroyuki Kobayashi & Makoto Kamiya

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    Default Degeneration Interview with Hiroyuki Kobayashi & Makoto Kamiya

    Horror movie website, Shock Til You Drop has landed an interview with the Director and Producer on the film. The subjects range from the production of the film, up to how they feel about the live-action movies with Milla Jovovich. Its a good read, so be sure to check it out!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kobayashi
    And obviously, regarding the scripting process, it has to be faithful to the video game franchise and we didn't want to contradict any facts. That was something I made sure was correct. But I knew this wasn't a video game, it's a film so it had to be fun and entertaining. Valid as a film, not a video game.
    Degeneration Interview Thanks to Joshua!
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