I.- Resident Evil: Revelations DEMO

It was just announced that a Resident Evil: Revelations DEMO is now available at the 3DS's eShop (in Japan, that is).

No word yet on when said demo will go live in the West.

Source: Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Demos Now at 3DS e-Shop

II.- Capcom Planning Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Party

Capcom will be holding a special event in early 2012 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of one of its major franchises, Resident Evil.

The Resident Evil Premium Party will be held on January 20 somewhere in Shibuya. The event will offer playable kiosks for Resident Evil Revelations, which is due for 3DS release on January 26, and appearances by the series' developers and guests. Attendees will walk away with rare goods.
SOURCE: http://andriasang.com/comzi9/re_anniversary/