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Thread: News report topic! (For newsreporting, not discussion)

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    Brushing off the cobwebs... for good and bad...

    Bad first...

    Final Anderson film in production, there's a plot setup in the press release. Just going to chuck it in a spoiler tag so no one has to scroll through it. Sounds about as bad as normal to me, if not like a few of the films repeated into one.


    Also Milla's stunt double was almost killed on set in the first days of shooting and suffered head injuries and is in a coma due to a camera crane arm not moving out of her path.

    On the good news front...

    The HD version of Zero's Achivement/Trophy list, straight from Capcom themselves.
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    Alice has the AF2011-A1 in the trailer hopefully they'll carry it over into RE7.

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    The guy who voiced Nemesis and Dario Rosso died about 3 weeks ago.

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