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Thread: RPD Dispatch 13 - Playing Silent Hill 1

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    Leg 3

    Hospital - > Start of Nowhere (final area)

    Edit : i've included in another run I finished just now as well, thus making this a much larger post.

    Edit 2 : this post might contain some spoiler pictures, but it's an ancient game, i'm sure everyone knows what happens.

    Hot. This has something to do with breast cancer awareness or something.

    A poster of a nurse with the words "Lust for Life" on them, an obvious nod to Lisa and her state by the end of the game.

    Alessa's room in the Alternate hospital.

    First person ape-man violation. Gaaaaaah !

    On one of the walls in the "Other Church". It's good to see this game takes religion so seriously :p

    Notice how the bodies hanging by the walls resemble Pyramid Head (bar the head of course, the rest of the body I mean). ?

    In the Alternate world Town Center, if you stand by the bank of television monitors for a few seconds it starts popping up weird symbols on the screen.

    And eventually the mark of Samael appears in a little while as well.

    IT BURNS !!.. IT BURNS !!!

    Finding a key in a key cabinet. The only act of common sense in the entire game.

    Norman's Motel, get it ? get it ?

    Even the room layout for the Motel is exactly the same as the movie.

    Reception area of the motel, the poster on the wall is supposed to be Fahra Fawcett, and notice the porno mag on the table


    Harry regrets not knocking before entering the room. He doesn't make that mistake anymore. This is the Annie's Bar, and you must trigger this scene if you want to get the best ending.


    Fedy - X This is found in the Indian Runner super store.

    Plot point : This is supposed to be White Claudia, the drug that was spread through out Silent Hill. This is found in the Indian Runner super store.

    Plot point. Maybe spoilers. Spoiler:

    Cute Teddie Bear enemies with their vagina faces.

    Plot point : This is the only save point found in the Amusement Park, this will be read some years later by Harry's daughter when she's in the same Amusement Park.

    Plot point : This is the same merry go round that will later appear in Silent Hill 3. If i remember, the wheel chair is present in SH3 as well. Also, Cybil on the right , if you avoid her for a while she goes ahead and sits on the horsey waiting for you to make your move.

    Harry you pussy, you're getting your ass kicked by an unarmed girl .. jeese ..

    Well, you did pump about 50 or so shotgun shells into her at close range .. what were you expecting ?

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