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Thread: Detailed dissection of the E3 Silent Hill Trailer

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    Default Detailed dissection of the E3 Silent Hill Trailer

    Hey another topic for this, sorry Rombie

    Most of the keen-SH fans might have already made note of most of this stuff, but someone like me who only watched the trailer that one time this was a good source of info.

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    wow, didn't know that here would be side quests in the game, that is great!! NOW I'm really interested in what they can do with this game, and if they dare call it SH 8 I'll kill them!!! I think they should do as SH homecoming did: use a subtitle, and leave the numbers FOREVER, I would of liked to have my silent hill games ordered by numbers, but homecoming messed everything up

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    Ah it's okay A-J, I just went to originally reply in that other thread to then realise there was actual discussion going on in the news post (and this was after I'd already replied in the E3 one about it as well).

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