This time it comes our way from Gamespot who essentially echoes the statments from IGN yesterday. Some points of interest however are:

Takeuchi confirmed that that RE5 will be an authentic sequel to the series' main plot rather than a side story (as Resident Evil 4 was), and the developers are considering some kind of a conclusion to the franchise's storyline.
Once again confirming that it will feature more ties to the series than RE4 has.

He added that additional information on RE5 wouldn't be released until next year. Gamers can get a glimpse of the work in progress by watching the game's high-definition trailer at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.
No additional details will be released until next year..But that doesnt mean Biohazard 5 details Im sure something will pop up in Famitsu. Also confirmation that the RE5 trailer will be released in High Definition at the Tokyo Game Show!

Thanks goes once again to the ever vigilant Malice at REC.