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    Default PHP Problems & More videos (Updated!)

    Were currently having some problems with the PHP so if you have access to the RE4 section please use this URL to download the .zips. Dont right click and save target as, or youll get an anti leech counter-measure. Simply click the name of the .zip and a download dialog should come up. We hope to have the problems sorted out soon.

    I just got finished with one of the most intense and hard boss fights yet. The El Gigante! Since it was such a rough going and the fact that theres multiple cutscenes in between it I decided to release the whole fight.

    Ive also released a couple new scenes as well as a bug Ive found. The game crashed at a certain point. Hopefully Capcom will be able to pinpoint what it was by the video I am providing and squash it for the Europe release.

    I did however miss a scene which I cant get back yet so we will skip it. Its where you have to defend yourself against a lot of Ganado (the bug video is from that sequence.)
    New videos:

    000 - Idle trailer
    015 - El
    016 -
    017 - sadler
    019 -
    020 - villagers
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    does its possible to get these videos again??

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