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Thread: Resident Evil 5 High Resolution Screenshots (Scans)

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    Default Resident Evil 5 High Resolution Screenshots (Scans)

    Seeing as news has been a bit stale as of late I decided to post some pictures from the Famitsu that revealed Biohazard 5 to the world. You can see in the last image that it looks a lot more like Chris from the front than from the back. These are as far as I know the highest resolution thats been released so enjoy! You can click the first image, and in the new window that opens click NEXT or PREVIOUS to see the next image.

    Also a side note, we are still looking for translators so if you know someone who can help us please drop me a line by clicking here.

    The issue they are in, incase you missed it.

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    looks amazing!!!!!

    Where its possible to find this prototype??

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