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Thread: Anyone else think this site is run by a group of friends?

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    Default Anyone else think this site is run by a group of friends?

    I love this website cause its so easy to access and your always ahead of things with the news but godamn it this site is run by a group of close nit mates and you sure know how to stick together. I always knew this as certain mods in the past have stood by some members and not dished out any punishment even though said member is the biggest ahole I have ever known. Another example happened less than 5 minutes ago.

    A certain member who shall not be named because he is protected by 80% of the mods. Was talking trash on a thread derailing it as usual, Personally me and other members think he was 100% trolling. I then posted a reply and get my post removed by a mod even though it was on the same topic as the troll which is fair enough if the troll gets his comments removed to. Nah as usual the troll gets his way and is allowed to continue posting despite a certain mods warning to 'leave it there'. I dunno what he is doing but i'd say that trolls breath smells like ass because he must be doing alot of kissing it.

    After all the crap this troll has caused this site and its not just ALOT its really over the top TOO MUCH. Every single day he is trolling, derailing, adding depressing negative comments about every little thing. I dont think he has had so much as a 24 hour ban. I have had about 3 bans and I contribute to the topics all the damn time.

    So yeah just wanted to know which people agree with me on this.

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    How can people know whether to agree with you or not if you don't name names eh?

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    If you take issue with the actions of a particular moderator, or the behaviour of a certain member, feel free to refer it to another moderator or an administrator. Myself, Darkmoon, Carnivol, Gene, Canas, Alzaire, or Enetirnel are always around. Or, you could message us with a valid complaint about the site. However, I would ask that you don't make topics just to complain about the way the site is run or get other members riled up. Locked.

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    Shoot a message my way if you are feeling picked on or something. I'm still good friends with 99% of our mods but I have the keen ability (thanks to my absence) to look at things from a third-party viewpoint.

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