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Thread: Fist of the North Star '86 Movie

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    Default Fist of the North Star '86 Movie

    I watched clips of the Fist of the North Star Movie, they were cool. But I noticed the gore scenes are censored and cut because they were inappropriate. The censored scenes were shown on video with an edited ending where Kenshiro and Raoh end up in a draw. The Italian VHS version of the movie was semi-uncensored. The Japanese DVD version of the Movie was released in 2008 as the 25th anniversary, the DVD had multiple endings and early trailers, but the movie itself is still censored. I noticed the note on the back of the Japanese DVD that says some images are currently thought to be inappropriate, but preserved for the sake of historical value. I predict that the Fist of the North Star blu-ray series and movie will come in Japan as the 30th anniversary. Will Fist of the North Star '86 Movie Blu-ray be uncensored?

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    I'd answer your question, and I do know the answer to it, but I 'm scared it will end up being 10 pages long about something so simple, getting turned into something so ridiculous. :/
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