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Thread: Some cool 1.5 exclusive screenshots (**Welcome to the Battle Coliseum!!**)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juvenal-_Leon98 View Post
    I think they only used the parts of the single Birkin 1.5 model, several parts of the Re2 version, mixing and editing the textures and a 3d model to look like conceptual art, that's what I did and it's the most logical
    I wish I could find the video but in one video he was showing off models and it was mostly models we had seen however the baby alligator monster was in the allergy fully modeled and moving. I wonder how he managed to get that one as it really caught me off guard he however did not show the full on boss alligator.

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    Isn't it possible that IGAS just recreated the models they were missing from scratch?

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