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Thread: San Diego Comic-Con Panel Includes Resident Evil 6

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    Default San Diego Comic-Con Panel Includes Resident Evil 6

    Capcom have several panels lined up for San Diego Comic-Con. Here's one for RE6

    Friday July 13

    <<6:00-7:00 The Fear and Horror of RESIDENT EVIL 6! The latest installation of the blockbuster Resident Evil video game franchise arrives this October! Get a behind the scenes look of the most ambitious CAPCOM title to date from producers Hiroyuki Kobayashi Executive Producer and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi Producer, plus Miguel Corti Localization Director. Make sure to arrive early and receive access to exclusive information, live gameplay demos, a trailer premiere and some surprises! Q&A session to follow. Room 25ABC>>

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    Kickass, well the games hype has been building up and so far the new development team has been doing a pretty good job.

    Heres hoping they dont fuck it up in the endgame.
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    Couldn't agree more

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    I hope someone asks about Claire and the decision to (probably) not include her in the game even though she's tied to all of the returning playable heroes. No, I'm never getting over that. Just like how I'm never getting over this.

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