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Thread: Resident Evil 6 Has A "Lone Wolf" Ability

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    Default Resident Evil 6 Has A "Lone Wolf" Ability

    I suppose this is a good news for those who wishes that this game doesn't have a partner system. It seems this game will have a "Lone Wolf" ability where you can play the game without the help of your partner, and they will only appear when dual-characters actions are required, such as opening a door. Others like when you're getting pinned by a monster, well they won't be there to save you.

    The full extent and effects of the Lone Wolf ability is unknown so far though, such as whether the monsters will still attack your partner.

    The down side is that you will have to spend skill point to unlock it, which probably mean you will have to play through the game with partner first to earn those skill points.

    This will be one of the quirky abilities you can be find in this game.

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    This game is covering a fuckload of bases. I'm glad that my blackout continues in terms of scenario, gameplay, and story. Can't believe it's less than a month away, and god damn I can't wait.

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