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Thread: Resident Evil 4 action figure news

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    Default Resident Evil 4 action figure news

    I'm pretty late on this, but when the news broke the news system wasnt in place. But since new news has come out of the pipe about the Resident Evil 4 Action Figures I figured this was a good time to introduce them to you.

    NECA announced back in May that they had secured the license from Capcom to produce Resident Evil 4 action figures. Since then they have been slowly revealing the first 4 figures in the series 1 set. First up was Salvador, the chainsaw wielding maniac

    Shortly afterwords Ada was revealed.

    A few fan pictures of a work in progress Leon were shown from the San Diego Comicon thanks to Toy News International.
    Ada was revealed.

    Please note: The Leon is still in the process of being finalized. This will not be an accurate representation of the final product.

    Finally today the final figure was revealed thanks to Tanomi! Verdugo will be the fourth figure in the first series!

    Thanks must go to Xfactor and Simo, both from Resident Evil Community as well as the sites for grabbing the Leon and now Verdugo pictures.

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    They should have the bottle cap action figures.

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