After the release of the Playstation 2 port of Resident Evil 4, Capcom began work on a book which would summerize the story of the game into a 97 minute DVD. The DVD would be accompanied by a book which would serve as the back story to Resident Evil 4. The story told in the book is that of the village. Specifically life before Saddler and after. It explains many of the plot holes that were nagging fans, such as what happened to all the children in the village. The book was released on September 29th, 2006. With the wealth of information that the book contained and the fact that an English release was unlikely I contacted Bjorn to see if he would be able to postpone the True Story Behind Biohazard translation so he can focus his efforts on the much short Incubate book. Thanks to his great generosity he did the translation for free.

The front cover to the book
Spine of the book, showing
the DVD held in place

For the first release of this book, I was pressed for time and wanted to satisfy the fans. With that in mind, I took the liberty of doing some "quick and dirty" editing of the pages by simply using boxes to cover up the Japanese text. Almost a full year later, I'm revisiting the book and correcting that mistake. I've taken the time to edit out the Japanese text and replace it with English. Now that THIA has a stable video page, I've also ripped all the Resident Evil 4 trailers and the "Story" movie from the disc. If you will be using the information obtained in this book, I ask that you please give credit where it is due as without the hard work of THIA the story wouldn't have been known to the English speaking fans.

Note: A resolution greater than 1400x1000 is recommended. The files are PNG and are roughly 2MB - 3MB each. Please bear that in mind when clicking below. I've added JPG versions of the files, however, if you will be printing them, I would recommend you download the PNG ones. So without any more text, I present the Biohazard Incubate translation.

Starting off we will take a look at the contents of the DVD. Below are some screencaps from it, which show the structure. Its very basic, with no music or animated menu's.

A very basic and non-animated menu
Chapter list for the story video

Trailer section

Since this feature is attempting to cover everything contained in the book (including the DVD) we've encoded the videos on the disc and are presenting them for download below. As you might have noticed, the trailers are named Biohazard. This is because these are the Japanese versions of these trailers, complete with Japanese subtitles. The voices are in English, though. You will need an x264 decoder though, as is the case with all THIA videos. You can check the video page for more information on where to get one.

Biohazard 4 - Trailer 1
A very early Biohazard 4 trailer featuring
a WIP model of Luis where he has a
mustache, jumping enemies,an older
HUD and more.
Filesize: 47.5 MB
Length: 03:27
Resolution: 568x448
Times Downloaded:
Biohazard 4 - Trailer 2
The "several years have passed since the
destruction of Raccoon City..."trailer.
Filesize: 31.2 MB
Length: 02:57
Resolution: 568x336
Times Downloaded:
Biohazard 4 - Trailer 3
A trailer that focuses on Ada and Krauser.
Filesize: 11.7 MB
Length: 01:11
Resolution: 568x336
Times Downloaded:
Biohazard 4 - Trailer 4
The first Playstation 2 trailer for
Biohazard 4.
Filesize: 18.8 MB
Length: 02:08
Resolution: 640x400
Times Downloaded:
Biohazard 4 - Trailer 5
A very lengthy trailer for the Playstation 2
version of Biohazard 4. It features
many scenes from later in the game.
Filesize: 60.4 MB
Length: 05:49
Resolution: 640x472
Times Downloaded:
Biohazard 4 - Incubate Walkthrough
A story sequence movie built using the
Playstation 2 version of Biohazard 4.
Ripped directly from the Biohazard
Incubate DVD, the video runs a total
of 82 minutes.
Filesize: 688.0 MB
Length: 82:10
Resolution: 576x336
Times Downloaded:

Now that the videos are posted we can beging to look at the real hard work that went into making this feature. Below are the edited pages of the Incubate book. Enjoy!

Note: Clicking on an image will bring up the JPG version. If you are printing the book or preserving it, please use the download link below to download a .zip of the PNG version which has no quality loss.
Download PNG .ZIP
Downloaded Times

Cover with dust jacket
Cover without dust jacket
The Village
Page 1
The Village
Pages 2 & 3
The Village
Pages 4 & 5
The Village
Pages 6 & 7
The Village
Pages 8 & 9
The Village
Pages 10 & 11
The Village
Pages 12 & 13
The Village
Pages 14 & 15
The Village
Pages 16 & 17
Pages 18 & 19
Pages 20 & 21
Pages 22 & 23
DVD Summary
Page 24
Page 25 & Spine

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