Part 3: Hacking the Trials
-Resident Evil 4 Trial Edition-
Title Screen Debug (Page Settings)

Now that we can get in game and test these we will try the first options that actually work this trial, which are the "Page" settings. On the previous page we showed you some of them however as you'll soon see once you get in-game with them statistics that weren't shown in the menu are displayed.

Page 1 displays your rank in the lower left corner of the screen, although its currently obstructed with the PAGE 1 text in this screenshot.
Page 8 draws some lines around Leon's model, I believe this is to test his hair and coat physics.

While the bottom right of Page 9 is still unknown, new overlay is shown which displays the last few sounds that have been played.
Page 11 has three options, ENEMY, OBJ, and LIGHT. I believe they show various collision distances for the various models.


Page 12 displays some information on the amount of models in the map.
Page 14 displays what looks to be the amount of data being read off the disc.

Page 15 displays three red lines above Leon. I'm not exactly sure of their purpose.



Next up is the Enemy Set setting, As you can see the village is barren. This option also produces many crashes, especially on cutscene trigger points. The game presumably is looking to show the enemies in the scene but they are not found and it crashes



Etc Set is next, here you can see in the cutscene where the villagers swarm the house the boards blocking the window are missing. Doors and Barrels are also gone. This setting produces a bug in which neither Leon or enemies can jump through windows.

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Part 3: Hacking the Trials
Resident Evil 4 Trial Edition
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