Part 3: Hacking the Trials
-Resident Evil 4 Trial Edition-
In Game Debug (Settings)


As you can see from the picture there are quite a lot of options in this menu. Ill be covering each one fully and then moving onto the one below it. Ill start with the left column first. Since a lot of these options have sub-menu's Ill be seperating the main options with a linebreak.


The Area Jump menu consists of basically the same format as the main menu debug's setup. There really isnt much to say here besides selecting a proper map that is on the trial disc will load that room, with Leon in it. Selecting a room which isnt, causes the game to crash.

Im not including an image for this one as you have seen what it looks like on previous pages. It lets you scroll through the various pages for the debug menu showing various statistics on screen.


This is where things get interesting, Debug Option allows a multitude of effects to happen to Leon. Once you enter this menu, two new options present themselves. They are below, and below them further are more options.

Player pretty much acts like a folder, with no real options inside it. This allows you to do various things to Leon himself.

Scroll acts like a folder, with no real options inside it. This allows you to change the way the game is being displayed.


Flag Edit acts like a folder which contains a whole bunch of different settings. Ill be covering them on the next page as theres too many to list here.

This setting allows you to modify various settings which affect how the world is being rendered. There are too many options here, so Ill cover them on the next page.
Life allows you to adjust Leon or Ashleys health. The default settings are shown above.
An option which allows you to change various settings as to how the maps and models are displayed. Too many settings here as well, so they will be covered on the next page too.
Position Move lets you move leon around while everything in the game remains frozen. You can move him into any position in the game including height. Attempting to rotate Leon crashes the game
As you might expect the Weapons menu allows you to equip Leon with a multitude of weapons. Ill cover them on the next page as theres too many to list here.
Sub-Weapon has no options in this version.
Another way to activate the Optical Camaflauge is through this menu.
Face Control would allows you to adjust Leon's facial expressions however I do not think this is functioning in the trial. It appears to require external files that are hosted on a PC thats in Capcom's possesion.

Since DEBUG OPTION has so many options, Ive decided to show you above first what most of them are. Some of the above options contain a lot more things which I was unable to show you here on this page. On the next page Ill be going in depth on those options.

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Part 3: Hacking the Trials
Resident Evil 4 Trial Edition
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