Part 2: Trial Contents
Biohazard 4 Trial (GCN)

Now we will be moving on to the Biohazard 4 trial. The Resident Evil 4 demo, despite being released later was in fact from an older build. This was confirmed when I popped in the Biohazard 4 demo that I'm about to cover. It is my guess that this was done simply because the E3 build (to which the GCN RE demo is very similar) was used as a base for making the USA demo. The E3 demo, of course only being playable at E3 2004. This way Capcom didn't have to translate as many things and could focus on getting the game done. So what is different?



Well from the start, attempting to fire upon the officers in the car produces the "Get this over with will you!" line, unlike the Resident Evil Trial Edition. Lips still don't sync well like the RE version. Item pickups are also more illuminated as well as Leon's laser sight. When picking up PTAS it now shows a screen close to the final version, with the treasure chest. From the main menu a trailer is played from the game if you do not press any buttons. It is a trailer which has been previously available on THIA. You can download it using the link below.

Resident Evil 4 Trailer #3
(Click to download)
Filesize: 28.30 MB
Length: 03:49
Resolution: 400x296
Times Downloaded: 0


The item menu is much like the final version with it being slot based. The map screen too is much like the final releases thus strengthening the theory that the Biohazard Trial is in fact from a more updated build of the engine when compared to the Resident Evil Trial. This build seems to suffer from some "pop-up" issues. As seen in the screen below, the house as well as other models (Trees, etc) loads one second after you exit the item menu.


Once again you cannot pull out your knife to stab at items, it must be equipped via the menu. You can also reload through the menu, a feature which is not in the final game. In-Game binoculars are still in this trial, unlike the final release.


Ashley's photograph is the same one used in the Resident Evil trial, but as was stated before its not the final version. Some clipping issues are also present in this build as shown by the picture above. The red herb is in place near where the wolf has been caught in the bear trap. Something interesting is the lack of the Female Ganado's body being "hung" with a pitchfork through the face. It is simply not there in the Biohazard version. This was most likely done as games in Japan are receiving more scrutiny when it comes to gore. Its ironic that the first game in the series was released in the exact opposite manner, with the USA getting the censored version.


Female Gando's are also in this version, unlike the USA Trial Edition.

"It's the locally rumored Chainsaw Man!" "No matter how many times he gets killed, he comes back to life."  "They say he's the richest guy in the village, but..."

A small Easter egg is included in the form of a painting of the Chainsaw Ganado inside one of the houses in the village. This is not in any other version of the game, it is only included in this demo. (Thanks to Björn for the translation!)


The police officer, who was being burned in the center of the village is also gone. No fire is present either, just a stack of hay. Once again, censoring strikes. Attempting to jump from the ladder tower has Leon jump down from the height rather than try to climb down as in the USA Trial. Some of the cut scenes dialog is also slightly changed. Shooting the heads of Ganado with the shotgun still produces their head exploding animated however. Killing the Chainsaw Ganado gives you 1000 PTAS instead of the Stone in the Resident Evil Trial.


At the end you are shown a screen which displays how many PTAS you have found, and mentions that 30,000 PTAS or more gives you an "Extra Bonus". The extra bonus as you may know is the TMP sub machine gun. This is not in the Resident Evil Trial. Additionally, once you beat the game two more options are available from the menu. They are Movie, which plays an early trailer for the game which has been available on THIA before this article and is available for download on the first page of this feature. Hard mode which increases the difficulty of the game is included as well. There is unfortunately no way to save in the trial so all these options are lost once you reset your GameCube. If you are killed by the Chainsaw Ganado in this version, Your head is not decapitated, although the Chainsaw does go right through Leon's neck.

Some previous video clips should come in handy here, so below you can click on the images to download the videos. They include run through's of the Biohazard demo, to bugs found by myself.

Biohazard 4 Trial Run Through #1
(Click to download)
Filesize: 19.60 MB
Length: 04:16
Resolution: 480x280
Times Downloaded: 0
Biohazard 4 Trial Run Through #2
(Click to download)
Filesize: 124.00 MB
Length: 16:42
Resolution: 480x280
Times Downloaded: 0
Biohazard 4 Trial Wolf Bug
(Click to download)
Filesize: 30.50 MB
Length: 04:06
Resolution: 480x280
Times Downloaded: 0
A run through of the village. It ends when Leon is killed by a female villager. A complete run through of the Japanese Biohazard 4 demo. It shows Leon doing almost everything possible. All Cut scenes (except the ending) are shown. A video showing how to do the "Wolf Bug" which was found by Dot50Cal in the Japanese Biohazard 4 demo. It shows exactly how to make the dog you can free from a bear trap float in the air and walk through the entire map.
Biohazard 4 Trial Ending
(Click to download)
Filesize: 8.98 MB
Length: 01:13
Resolution: 480x280
Times Downloaded: 0
Biohazard 4 Trial No Decapitation
(Click to download)
Filesize: 2.41 MB
Length: 00:20
Resolution: 480x280
Times Downloaded: 0
Biohazard 4 Trial Machine Gun
(Click to download)
Filesize: 42.30 MB
Length: 05:40
Resolution: 480x280
Times Downloaded: 0
The last few moments of action is shown until the ending shows. This is the ending to the Japanese Biohazard 4 demo. A video showing how in the Japanese Biohazard 4 demo Leon does not get decapitated. After winning the Japanese Biohazard 4 demo with 30,000 PTAS you are given the Sub Machine Gun. This video is a walk through while using the Machine Gun.

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