In 1998 Capcom entered into a deal with Wildstorm Comics that would have Wildstorm produce a number of Resident Evil related merchandise. Comics, T-Shirts and even coffee mugs were produced. One of the more interesting products that came from this deal were Resident Evil 2 trading cards. The cards themselves are screen captures from various scenes in the game and some containing art renders of the characters or creatures in the game. On the back were descriptions of what the pictures depicted.

The card set contains 103 designs in the following configuration:

Chase Cards: 9 Designs (1:3 odds of finding - Holochrome)
Special Cards: 4 Designs
Regular Cards: 90 Designs (1:1 odds of finding)
   Parallel Cards  
      Leon Cards: 36 Designs
      Claire Cards: 36 Designs
   Creature Cards: 9 Designs
   COTT* Cards: 3 Designs
   BOTGV** Cards: 6 Designs

*COOT - Coming of the Tyrant
**BOTGV - Birth of the G-Virus

In addition to these, there was also a "Promo" card which was given to shops to help promote the series. It has the number "P1" on it making the absolute total of cards 104. The design for this card features the famous silhouette of a man with a zombie who is ablaze approaching him while the hands of zombies reach for the silhouette. Packs were released mostly in comic shops in the USA along with the comic book line from Wildstorm. The set was also released in Japan under the Biohazard name. The designs and the cards themselves are absolutely the same, with only the box and packing the cards came in being renamed from Resident Evil to Biohazard. Also the Promo card mentioned above has a different design in the Japanese version. It was packed with Leon holding his gun at the three zombies in the CG intro to Resident Evil 2.

On the sides of the box the following text is displayed:

"Enter the nightmare world of survival horror with Resident Evil Trading Cards. This deluxe Chromium trading card set features 90 regular cards, 9 Holochrome Chase Cards, and 4 Special cards, including a very special Jim Lee Autograph card!"

The R1 card, or Jim Lee autograph card is a very rare find in the set. Although none have been found that actually do have Jim's autograph. It appears this was some kind of ms-communication or error on Wildstorm's part. The R1 card displays the cover for the original release of the Resident Evil comics #1 issue which was drawn by Jim Lee. The M1-M3 cards are motion based cards. When turned vertically they play out several scenes from FMV's in the game. The first, M1 shows Leon firing at the "Diner Zombie" that was approaching Claire. The second card, M2 features Claire (from ducking stance) looking back at the zombie which Leon fired upon. The third, M3 features Hunk and his team infiltrating the underground laboratory. The cards are all treated with a "Chromium" coating which give them a brilliant shine. The S1-S9 (Special) card set is coated in "Holochrome". Unfortunately it makes scanning them quite difficult as you can see by some of our scans below.

Recently a complete set of these cards has sold at auction for nearly $1000.00, however since then the price seems to have stabilized around $100 to $150. I have some new shots of the Biohazard version of this card set. Unfortunately I have already sold my Resident Evil set, however its all the same as mentioned above with simply the name being modified.



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Promo Card (Not sold in stores)


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