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Note: Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous companies out there that may take advantage of us hosting all these card scans. As such, we have taken precautions that they are unable to be re-printed by adding a watermark in the background of the cards. While this may be a bit intrusive, its the only way we can guarantee that these scans are only used for personal use and not sold commercially.

Promo Card (Not sold in stores)
Jim Lee Signature Card
Motion Cards
M1 M2
Leon Motion Claire Motion
G-5 Motion
Holochrome Chase Cards
S1 S2
Leon S. Kennedy Claire Redfield
S3 S4
Chief Brian Irons Ada Wong
S5 S6
Ben Bertolucci Sherry Birkin
S7 S8
Leon S. Kennedy Claire Redfield
Leon and Claire
Leon Cards Claire Cards
Opening Sequence (Leon) Opening Sequence (Claire)
L01 C01
L02 C02
L03 C03
L04 C04
L05 C05
L06 C06
L07 C07
L08 C08
L09 C09
L10 C10
L11 C11
L12 C12
L13 C13
L14 C14
L15 C15
The Encounter with Licker (Leon) The Encounter with Licker (Claire)
L16 C16
L17 C17
L18 C18
Monster Gallery Cards
19 20
Zombie Licker
21 22
Super Tyrant G-Infant
23 24
G-1 G-2
26 27
G-4 G-5
The Coming of Tyrant
28 29
Birth of the G-Virus
31 32
33 34
35 36
Leon Cards 2 Claire Cards 2
Ending Sequence (Leon) Ending Sequence (Claire)
L37 C37
L38 C38
L39 C39
The Final Battle (Leon) The Final Battle (Claire)
L40 C40
L41 C41
L42 C42
L43 C43
L44 C44
L45 C45
Endgame (Leon) Endgame (Claire)
L46 C46
L47 C47
L48 C48
L49 C49
L50 C50
L51 C51
Staff List (Leon) Staff List (Claire)
L52 C52
L53 C53
Checklist (Leon) Checklist (Claire)
L54 C54

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