The following feature contains the first accurate translation of The True Story Behind Biohazard book to the English language. For years fans have wondered what the story of this book has been. I myself even have often tried to piece together the story from the various illustrations however its always been anyone's guess what the book contains. Sure, there were some summaries however there has never been a full translation of the book done. With that in mind I set out a few years ago attempting to try and find a translator for the book. After much searching all hope seemed to be lost. Professional companies wanted thousands of dollars to translate the book. All had seemed lost, until Carnivol introduced me to a friend of his. I became friendly with Bjorn and eventually he agreed to translate the book for us. Since the book is quite long and contains quite a bit of text I offered to pay for the translation. He agreed, at the modest price of $750.

Unfortunately for me at the time I was in a financial slump. Wanting to get the book done as soon as possible I reached out to the community for support. The community came through in spades. Within a week users and webmasters alike from both Bioflames and The Horror Is Alive had donated half the amount required. It was then that I halted donations and put down $375 of my own money to complete the fundraiser.

Things unfortunately do not work out as we plan, and Bjorn was soon flooded with work from his employer, whom he translates Japanese Manga for. Thankfully that subsided and he began to work on the book. Over these past few months he has managed to get quite far, and it was left up to me to remake the books pages with new graphics which still kept with the originals theme. I'd like to take this time to thank all the people who have donated, You guys & girls are the best!

Wesker Reborn
Project Omega

And of course Bjorn, for accepting such a low payment for such a difficult job. A special thanks also goes to Jerome, from Survivhor for helping me with tips on page layout. Even if I didnt end up using some of the information you provided doesnt mean I dont appreciate it! :)

Before I start displaying our hard work I think a little introduction to the book is required. So, with that here is the back story to this book.

For the release of Biohazard for the Sega Saturn console, Capcom hired Hiroyuki Ariga to write the back story to Resident Evil. The story would be placed inside a book which was to be included in a "Collectors Edition". Inside the book was also the now infamous Trevor's Letters, and an interview with Shinji Mikami. Since I was not aware of the book upon its release, I'm forced to rely on second hand information. I would appreciate if it anyone out there who has more information on this book, its release, and anything else relating to the original Sega Saturn release to please contact me so I can update the article.

Rumor has it that soon after the release Capcom began recalling the books from store shelves for unknown reasons. Its estimated that a large number of books however are still in circulation however the exact amount of which is unknown. It should be noted that the books themselves have stamped numbers identifying their unique line in the production. Another rumor which persists relates to the Biohazard game that was packed in with the book. Sources say that the game was a modified version which contained more shots during the opening FMV sequence as well as some other longer FMV sequences throughout the game. This rumor however is unsubstantiated, so please bear that in mind. Unfortunately this is all I can gather based on the book at this time. Its very hard tracking someone down who is currently in the community who has knowledge of such an old release.

With that, Ill now begin with the story. Its been decided that I will attempt to re-create the book as best as possible, however anyone who has ever translated a book realizes this is quite difficult. One of the main issues I had was fitting the English text onto the pages. It simply could not be done in the same manner. Realizing this, I had to make new pages in order to fit everything. With this in mind, I also realized that many of the art assets used in the Trevor's Letters section were restricted to small area's on the page. Often times causing them to be overlapped or cropped badly. Since we no longer have this restriction I have taken the liberty to restoring these art sketches as best I can. They should now appear in a full and rectangular fashion.

Additionally, I have also taken the liberty of re-creating all the graphics used on the pages. This gives us a much more clean and professional look, while still maintaining the originals feel. This also will aid in any printings of the book should you choose to go that route. On the printing matter, Once the feature is completed Carnivol has volunteered to write a small book binding guide to help you make the pages into a real book.

So in summary, the entire book has been re-created except for the sketches. I have, however reconstructed parts of the sketches to accommodate the new page format giving them a much more clear view of the areas depicted. So, with that, you can choose which chapter you would like to start on below. Please enjoy!

Note: A minimum resolution of 1024x768 is recommended. The files are PNG and are roughly 1MB each up to the Storyboards section. Please bear that in mind when clicking below. I've added jpeg versions of the files however if you will be printing them I would recommend you download the PNG ones. After this Trevors section JPG's are no longer needed, as the PNG's compress considerably more.

Click below to be directed to certain sections of the book. Or you can start from the begining.

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