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Holfraine: Black Eyes Troopers release it's Kickstarter campaign

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  • Holfraine: Black Eyes Troopers release it's Kickstarter campaign

    Hello comrades of The Horror is alive. I want to show you a project i'm working on with the company Fluxart Studios. This game is a competitive multiplayer shooter focuses on
    e-sport. It has a wide variety of playable character with diferents skills and movements. We are also proud of win the Play Station award to the best multiplayer game of 2017.
    It's been a long time working on this proyect and we just release our Kikcstarter campaign. We need your suport to continue making videogames.

    Link to the Kickstarter:

    The cheaper aportation is one euro, translate to dollars is a really low cost aportation.

    Why post this thing in a survival horror related forum?

    I'm triying to convince my teammates of working in a classic survival horror games. Maybe you can remember me clonning the classic Resident Evil engine to Blender 3D.
    Few years laters I ported all this funcionalitys into Unity 3D. Including features like prerrendered background, shadows and lighting in real time and a lot of new features.
    If you support this proyect you are indirectly supporting the release of a classic survival horror experiencie. I wish you like Holfraine: Black Eyes troopers.
    Best regards to all!
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