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World War Z - The Movie - The Thread (Don't judge a book by its cover)

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    Well, it was as bad as I expected. PG-13 movie, nothing I haven't seen already, boring characters, incredibly predictable. What a waste for an adaptation, I hope that HBO picks it up in the future for a series close to the book.


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      I could tell from the very fricken TV commercial that this movie would suck eggs because all I saw was Michael Bay explosions, camera switching every half a second, bodies falling, guns firing, Brad Pitt, more bodies falling, more explosions, bodies flying out of a plane, Brad Pitt, and a bus being toppled over followed by bodies flying everywhere. And you tell me not to judge a book by its cover. You are far too lenient for your own good. Now, I wanted to avoid the movie so badly but I ended up being dragged along to see it at the drive-in. I could not bare to watch it; so bloody boring. The only entertainment I could find was pointing out flaws and taking extended bathroom breaks. It's more fun to excrete the contents of my bowels than to watch this movie. Let's start cracking down on some of the things that went wrong.


      Now as for the CGI argument, I wouldn't complain about it. As I see it, bad CGI is just there as another thing to complain about if you didn't like the movie to begin with. However, what if it's a really good movie that has bad CGI? Does the movie suck just because it doesn't please you visually? In 28 Days Later the pan out views of the city looked fake but all other aspects of the movie were flawless, especially compared to a movie like Quarantine. I think I'd shut my mouth about something being visually appealing and instead judge it if it has a cruddy plot or little character development. I think everyone's just a tad bit spoiled about the need for everything seen visually to look like real-life. I think it's just as needless in video games when a game like the N64 title "007 Goldeneye" is still fun to play.

      And another thing. I see a lot of people who were lambasting 28 Days Later and L4D specifically because they feature fast zombies. Let me say that this is a dumb argument just like the argument about pretty graphics. To me, it's a bias similar to gay-bashing. Just because a zombie movie has fast zombies doesn't make it a bad zombie movie and just because a zombie movie has slow zombies doesn't make it a good zombie movie. I've seen zombie movies with slow zombies and zombie movies with fast zombies that were equally terrible. Vise versa. To me, so long as it's a good movie is what matters.

      Finally, allow me to suggest a superb movie to wash away the crap that Hollywood smeared all over your face. A 2008 independent horror thriller that you probably have not seen called "Pontypool". It's some real fear of the unknown stuff and the concept is pretty hard to grasp on the first view, almost like Inception.
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