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GWOMANWILLIS scamming lil punk (link on first post)

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  • GWOMANWILLIS scamming lil punk (link on first post)

    now as promised heres the file that GWOMANWILLIS sent me.I had to rar the rared file cuz Im using a free account of mediafire. I was able to get a password after 7 days of using a program called rar password unlocker and that was this iat<y , but it still doesnt work. All I ask is please report back to me your findings if there is any. I doubt that there will be cuz GWOMANWILLIS is a scammimg punk, lol. Here are the links everyone have at it....
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    Guys, after digging through the file, it was beta 2. I ran the RAR through a few freeware programs online ad none of them could do a thing. I have one on my PC already that's used for forensics and it cracked the file no problem. Odly it seems our friend Gman RAR'ed a file then RAR'ed the RAR... WTF.. Well after extracting it's contents, it was one file, SECRET!.ISO. I opened it in UltraISO and it was beta 2.

    I'm sending the extracted file to Dyce now so he can confirm.
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      Closing this.
      1) There's already a thread about it.
      2) It belongs on assembler where the trade took place. Anyone here who cares about his reputation at assembler should register at assembler.

      We used to have hard and fast rules at THIA to prevent shit from other forums spreading here. Time to clamp down.