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  • RIP Roger Ebert

    Film Critic Roger Ebert has lost his battle with Cancer and passed away at 70.I always appreciated his point of view on films even though I didn't always agree with him. He always had a passion about films that made him interesting to watch and listen too.

    Fuck Cancer.Fuck it with a spike

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    I had just read a day or so back about him cutting back on his work load but also what other things he was planning on doing with his year.

    He hadnt fully let it stop him enjoying his work either. Even though he couldnt talk anymore last year he reviewed more movies in a 12 month period than he has any other time in his career.

    The worst part of this is most official postings including the Sun Times one have comments that have devolved into debates over his socialist ideals. Who the fuck cares? His writings on other subjects were far more important than his political commentary and why can't he feel free after everything he has done for cinema to be allowed to have an opinion on something else? Morons.


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      Same here, he had said about 2 days back he was going to start writing about what going through cancer was like for him as well as losing his lower jaw to it and just getting through life.

      Hes at peace now though, I hope he can rest easy.

      I'm a bit of an atheist but this pic brought a tear to my eye, wasn't able to find it so I had to use the facebook link from George Takei's page.


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        End of an era, my friends.


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          Well this is depressing. ><


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            I remember when he had a tv show back in the day. Rip.


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              Pretty much the only person who's opinion on films I've genuinly cared for. While his reviews touched the narrative and technical achievements (or their shortcomings), the four star score system and bottom line was always just a matter of whether or not it all affected his enjoyment of the movie and to which degree.

              Sad to see him go and genuinly saddened by the fact that I no longer will be able to look forward to read reviews from him for future movies. Pretty much every movie I've seen and thoroughly enjoyed I've always looked up his review for (when availabe)