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RIP Ray Harryhausen

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  • RIP Ray Harryhausen

    The original monster maker(He didn't do King Kong, he did do just about everlasting else), and special effects industry himself, has passed away at 93.

    Without his amazing skills and talents, monster movies as well as stop motion special effects wouldn't have gained the attention they did. He was a one of a kind and I'm really sad to see him go. Like thousands of young men, his work on "Jason and the Argonauts" was really one of my fondest memories as a child.

    Seeing his monsters as "real" and not a special effect was all due to his skills as an artist and an animator. Even now at 32 I treasure these memories and wish I could have met the man in person.

    RIP good sir, rest well.
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    Medusa and the iron Talos still creep me out, a movie featuring his stuff was a definite must see as a kid and still gets me through a Saturday afternoon now. Farewell to a legend.


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      This is depressing. He was/is one of my biggest influences growing up that made me want to make monster movies of my own. R.I.P.


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        Most of all back in the day when movies had more meaning. Classics wont be common place like back in those days. Now we deal with sexualized uncreative garbage. Men like this helped make Hollywood grow to how it is today. We should acknowledge these elders of talent more.