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  • Man of Steel(2013) thread

    Wow. I'm not a Superman, or a Zach Snyder fan but this is looking pretty good. Films due in a few weeks thought it was time for a thread about it.

    This film is standing out as a completely different type of Superman movie than whats ever been made.Which is actually quite refreshing as Hollywood always just keeps retelling Superman in basically the same way and with the same type of stories.

    Have a look, the new trailer is actually well done.

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    looks like shit.

    actually, it looks like transformers, which i liked.

    but this is superman, it should be about acting and character, not pointless special effects. it looks like a cg film with real people edited in.

    and this guy acting already comes off as weak. he does not carry himself like superman at all.

    dc hasn't made a good movie in decades, except for justice league doom. i think whoever made this needs to watch justice league/unlimited.

    this is on the same level as the live action re films.


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      This may be all right, but i'm just so tired of Hollywood style watered-down superhero movies with all of their green screen and flashy 'look at me!' effects. But i'm probably the type of person that wants a lot of superhero movies in a style that Hollywood will never do.

      For Superman, why doesn't he ever blast the bad guys into a thousand charred flesh chunks with his heat vision? Or simply decapi-punch their heads off into the next universe?

      Why can't we have a dark Venom film with horror overtones where he terrorizes the city and goes around devouring people, leaving various bits of body parts behind? Instead we got... Spiderman... 3...

      About the only thing in recent memory that really made me happy is the Wolverine Xbox 360 game. Wolverine is how he should be portrayed there, a raging animal who slices enemies into bloody bits for effing with him.

      Sorry, rant over

      Edit: Gotta correct myself a bit... the Dredd film from 2012 is awesome and another rare example of a character portrayed correctly. That film makes me incredibly happy.
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        superman only uses his heat-vision and full power when he absolutely has to. like against doomsday or darkseid. i want to see him give someone a lobotomy in a live action film.

        the hulk vs. films where he fights wolverine and thor were amazing! fuckin raw!

        venom in spiderman 3 was a joke. dear god, fucking eric foreman, even addressing himself as "i" and not "we" or "us". did the people who made that shit even know who venom was?


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          Can't be worse than the dumb rehash we got last time, but not a Snyder fan. The 1978 movie is still good.


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            New Trailer, nice to see them show a bit more of Zod in action. Looks like it should be a pretty good film, dont know if it will be on par with Richard Donners 1978 film, which admittedly is still kind of goofy, but was a good film regardless.


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                Is it good this movie??