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Any musicians in the house?

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  • Any musicians in the house?

    I didn't see any thread like this here so I thought I'd make one.

    Are there any people here who make their own music and would like to share it with the community?

    Here's my band/solo project:

    and my SoundCloud page that contains original and remixed music:

    Please feel free to share your own music and give feedback on the music that gets posted.

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    Very interesting atmospheres, I like the mixture of rock and electronic world.

    Here is something mine. I know the lack of vocals makes the song too boring, but well...

    Si guisante se dice "pea" y chiflado "nut", ┬┐Un cacahuete "peanut" es un chiflado de los guisantes?


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      I'm a musician (keyboard instruments), but primarily a composer / arranger / songwriter (I've recently become a lyricist as well). I have my bachelor's degree in Music Technology and am currently working on my Thesis for my master's degree in Music Technology (both from NYU).

      I work with a wide variety of styles, of which here are a couple:

      I've written and recorded a lot of material since then, but most of it is still under development. I also have an album that I wrote and recorded in high school that was at roughly 80% completion before being scrapped. I'm revisiting it now and am in the process of completing / updating / polishing it.


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        No me, but I have some friends who are.
        They have very good music.


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          I used to be, kinda fell into the promo field for music instead as time went by xD