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Fist of the North Star (1986) Uncensored VHS version?

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  • Fist of the North Star (1986) Uncensored VHS version?

    Hello? As you may well know, the original 1986 movie anime; Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) was one of the bloodiest and most amazingly animated films that had been released uncut in Japanese theaters since 1986. Since the movie was sold to children and family, they complained and had the graphic violence toned down with rainbow color blurs and filter. It was censored even more when released on home video. In Japan, the home video versions had the alternate edited ending instead of the original theatrical ending that was shown in theaters, but other countries had the original ending since it was based on the theatrical version. The out-of-print Italian VHS was semi-uncensored and contain no video censorship, however some graphic scenes still have rainbow colors. The U.S. VHS versions were censored, but some of them interestingly were released completely uncensored sourced from the original theatrical print. The older VHS releases (including re-release on DVDs) had the red tinted censored print and other U.S. VHS releases had the normal colored temperature print with all of the uncensored scenes intact. So far, nobody has ever uploaded a full uncensored version of all gory scenes yet. For example on youtube that I'm going to now show you is the comparison between the normal looking print used on Streamline/Orion ads and the red-tinted censored print:

    The one on the right is red-tinted and on the left had the normal colored temperature print seen on Streamline/Orion ads.

    I know that some of them had seen the complete uncensored copy on U.S. VHS since they rented or bought them at Blockbuster stores.

    If anyone has seen or have the original VHS copy that contains complete uncensored theatrical cut, be not afraid to speak out. Let's have a nice discussion!
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    Interesting topic, but none of your links work sadly.


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      I updated my first post! The links work now. Check it out!


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        i remember when i first brought the italian vhs version to light on someone had it on dc++ as "(non sensura)". seems the site is gone now. sucks, i posted alot of in-depth screenshot comparisons. also there is an uncensored rei killing in one of the trailers.

        even when they released the remastered version, the censored scenes were not remastered. the complete uncensored version has never been seen by anyone, not even in theaters. this has been verified by several people there on opening night. people who claim to have seen it on video are confused.

        i rented it from blockbuster a long long fucking time ago, i would have never thought it was censored, but the bootleg copy i made is the same version we have all seen.

        i was going to make some sort of composite cut, but that one rei killing in the trailer makes me throw my hands up and say its not worth it. i read they were studying human anatomy when animating the film, i have a very hard time not believing that. its cool not having the tinted parts, like ken getting fingered by shin, but the gore... i thought before the rainbow shit was to enhance the effect, but no that shit is super detailed.

        rumors are the original negatives of the censored parts were burned up in a fire. best hope is probably some workprint tape, like nightbreed or event horizon.

        uncensored rei killing at 1:30

        i have to go listen to heart of madness, you wa shock, and i kill the fight in a loop for the next couple hours now...

        oh yeah that video you posted is pointless. different transfers look different. this is from the fully censored remastered dvd Click image for larger version

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        and for shits and giggles, cleveland represent
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          Did they watch the so-called uncensored version on Japanese theaters first week in 1986 or during Steamline limited theatrical opening?


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            i don't know what you are saying.

            (3) people who were at the premiere in 1986 in japan said it was still censored. no one (publicly) has ever seen a fully uncensored print.


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              Originally posted by J0shuaKane View Post
              i don't know what you are saying.

              (3) people who were at the premiere in 1986 in japan said it was still censored. no one (publicly) has ever seen a fully uncensored print.
              I see.. Thanks for the info!


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                Yeah same here, I'm a big fan but never heard of any uncensored version being released in theaters first. Plus HnK has always been marketed towards a mature audiance in Japan, it's never been for kids or teenagers, and it comes from Tetsuo Hara himself.

                It's very unlikely you'll ever find an uncensored version. Maybe if they remaster it once more in the future, but I wouldn't count on it.
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                  This is the first time I watch that version. How did you find that uncensored version?


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                    There's no uncensored version... Are you talking about the trailer?


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                      compilation of available uncensored footage



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                          According to unverified rumor


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                            the rumor is that the original negatives were burned in a fire.

                            saying it was shown in theaters uncensored is just not true.