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Can someone help me identify the source of this image?

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  • Can someone help me identify the source of this image?

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    I've been dying to know what this is from and was lead here by the url in the bottom left. I recognize the umbrella as Umbrella corporation, but am not sure if this is actually RE related or not. Any help as to help me identify what this is from would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yeah, it is related. It's from the making of the Biohazard 2 commercial directed by George A. Romero for its release in 1998. That is one of the zombie actors in make up made by Screamin Mad George for the TVC. The video used to be here in high quality but I don't think it is still hosted here. You can find copies of it on YouTube people have just put up still with the THIA watermark that led you here. Search for making of biohazard 2 commercial and it should come up.
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      To add to Rombie's answer, the "Making of Bio 2 TV-CM" video came on these old tapes, though I'm not sure if the video on CFC 6 is identical:
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        Thanks guys.