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    anyone here practice?

    i mainly study jeet kune do concepts and krav maga executions, but dabble in everything. im not really one for sport. you can learn more about fighting watching kung-fu panda than taking those mma classes.

    lee morrison videos are a good modern day example of what bruce lee was trying to teach, and one of the best i have seen on youtube, along with michael ruppel and mikhail ryabko.

    here he explains the importance of breathing and making sound in a fight, which is also why bruce lee was screaming all the time if you didn't know...

    military training video for a close-quarters hostage situation.

    disclaimer: these disarming techniques are only to be used when someone is going to get hurt, as in they want more than money. like someone has a gun to your ladies head and wants in your house. it might be a better move than trying to pull your own gun out situation pending.

    understanding why the concepts were developed is most important.

    you might look at this and think the guy is going along with it, like "why not just let go?", well try it, its not so simple. and by looking at his hand you can tell he is a real martial artist and going along with tricks would not be good for his reputation.

    this youtube comment explains what is going on better...

    "The genius in the exercise is not what it looks like physically/on video...It is in the experience this guys nervous system is going through in these different positions. The movement is essentially neuromuscular re-education connecting his brain with the part of his body that does not understand the movement. Essentially expanding the brain to thing outside normal patterned "techniques" and tapping into his body's own innate wisdom..."
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    Please do not multi post; I have consolidated all the posts into the original post.


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      here lee morrison explains how to handle being backed against the wall


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        I did Judo from a very young age but got bored of it. It was ok, but not really what I was after. Later on I took up Aikido and Tai Chi, both of which I enjoyed, although I always found the staying relaxed bit very difficult. Both of those were very calming and helped with my stress levels, but the best martial art I ever took up was ice hockey. Great fun and really gets rid of all that pent up aggression. I wish I were still fit enough to play.
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