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    ^Very skeptical about how this movie will turn out, but one thing's for sure; Michael Bay being a producer on it and the look of the turtles aren't on my list of issues. I mean, half the universe were skeptical to the new CG TMNT series, but ... strangely enough, they've managed to capture both new and old fans (In short, it reminds me of how the first Star Wars - Clone Wars CG season was full of "everybody's a comedian, 'cause we're in a cartoon"-shit that didn't work, just that the new TMNT pulls that stuff off just right) -- as for fans of the old live action movies ... despite awesome puppetry, cool suits, and some good choreography in SOME scenes, people sure like to forget how hammy they were, how there's Vanilla Ice, and so forth...

    Originally posted by Darkmoon View Post
    His entire deal seems to be cashing in on people's childhood and then adding explosions and non-sensical plot points.
    I was gonna make a funny joke about Pain & Gain, ruined childhoods, explosions, non-sensible plot points, and what not ... but regardless of how the outcome of that joke would bw, it'd never live up to the greatness that is; Pain & Gain
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      I will be seeing this movie more then likely opening day or the day after but I will agree that most new movies are crap.

      My fiancee and I watched "Hansel and Gretel witch Hunters" on netflix last night and within 5 minutes of the movie (particularly when Gretel wasn't affected by the witches magic) I knew they (Hansel and Gretel) were witches. New movies to me are predictable. The last films I saw that threw me for a loop were Memento and Shutter Island. Personally I prefer a good old fashioned mind fucking to the predictable nonsense that Hollywood shits out. That's not to say I don't enjoy a lot of new movies but most are rehashes of the same damn thing but if your smart you can see where the plot is going.

      It still baffles me that the Transformers movies are constantly put in front of a tribunal. Like that's the end all be all of movie rapes in the world of tarnished franchise's. I get that people are upset but imagine turning the 80's show into a movie. I can sum up the Transformers cartoon show in one sentence. Optimus and the auto bots defend there base in the canyon wall while the Decepticons scheme and keep trying to steal energon while new characters show up from time to time. Not much depth for a movie plot is it? What I'd like to know is why hasn't Star Wars came up once in the discussion?

      I know Michael Bay had nothing to do with Star Wars but at least the franchises he essentially bastardized (to those who are complaining anyway) weren't his own. What the fuck was George Lucas's excuse? Michael Bay's movie are forgivable in the sense that he didn't create the Transformers universe. George Lucas created at least 60% of all that is Star Wars and he still managed to make the movies blatantly racist, childish and immature. The original Trilogy (to me anyway) is art. The technology and techniques invented for the first three Star Wars films were so groundbreaking that it inspired some of the greatest cinematographers to date.

      I'm done ranting but as J0shuaKane said "easily the most faithful adaptation to date, yet it is receiving the most complaints." Sheep will be sheep brother. The hate bandwagon is a fun ride but the lack of independent thought by those on it remind me as to why I'll never get on.
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        When I first saw the turtles' new look I didn't like it much but every time I see the new trailer the more individualised take is really growing on me. As for the movie itself I'm not too worried as it seems like they're pushing for a lighthearted spectacle which is what I'd want from a Bay helmed turtles movie.


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          Shredder isn't Oroku Saki, Michelangelo looks like Shrek, Megan Fox is still employed. Good job.