Like say he or she is a care professional close in age to yourself and you got attached to him or her, what the hell would you do to focus on something else?

Well, I had two ladies removed as my support workers for going over the boundaries. They support me because I have mild autism and I stay in a stair where there are staff working in one of the flats. Now I deeply regret what I done to both of them, because now they don't support me during shifts allocated to myself on a weekly basis. I got paranoid that their higher-ups tampered with my rota on purpose in regards to those two, so they could continue to fob me off about when I'd see them again for a shift. But then I slipped up by getting angry and I contacted them being nasty, but not intentionally. The whole situation sucks and I've been highly depressed over it since March. My main key worker before they took her away from me is this lovely Spanish woman called Sara from Madrid and I spat in her face because I was upset over something unrelated and took it out on her. The people in charge obviously have to do the right thing, but I'd rather be granted a chance to redeem myself in a professional manner.

Can I get Sara to come back, or have I messed up too badly?