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Say it ain't so! RIP Bob Hoskins

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  • Say it ain't so! RIP Bob Hoskins

    Well shit.

    I'll have to watch "Who framed Roger Rabbit?" tonight while burning a copy of Mario Bros. in his honor.
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    I can't count how many times I've watched that movie. I just watched it a few weeks ago. It's a shame he's gone.
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      He was a really splendid actor, really sad to wake up and realize hes gone. RIP bob.


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        Rewatched HOOK and Who Framed Roger Rabbit very recently and got some of his other performances queued up as the next movies on the watch list (I always go on these weird movie rewatch runs where all movies I watch are somehow related). Certainly sad that this even happens in the midst of an ongoing Bob Hoskins run on my screen


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          A lotta guys remember Bob Hoskins for his more family friendly outings but to me he'll always be the lead in one of the seminal brit gangster flicks of my youth the "Long Good Friday". He put in an award worthy performance in that movie which still stands up today based n my recent rewatching a couple of days back.

          I also really love the poster of this movie, so much so tha I'm thinking of making myself a customised t-shirt here out of it. Mainly as a memorial of sorts but also because the poster art is really quite cool.
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            RIP Eddie :/