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RIP Rick Mayall...

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  • RIP Rick Mayall...

    Well shit, terrible way to start off a monday, Wake up and find a comedian you enjoyed, is gone.

    RIP Dude.

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    And that is officially a piece of my childhood gone. I shouldn't feel so sad about this since I didn't know him personally, but damn...

    RIP Richard Richard. Or any of the other great characters he played as. I can't help but wonder how his friends are taking this.


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      Arse. He was awesome, and will be missed.


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        Ah man, that sucks. He's never quite been the same since that Quad bike accident in the late 90's as far as high profile, but I grew up on Young Ones and Bottom, and I must have seen Drop Dead Fred and Guest House Paradiso couple of dozen times over the years...


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          Really enjoyed him in the Young ones, found myself going back and catching some of their escapades today.


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            R.I.P Rick..
            Such a sad loss. Used to love watching Bottom - grew up with it. Only 56 yrs old as well - shame.
            "I never thought any of this stuff my brother taught me would work!"


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              When the word gets out five hundred girls will kill themselves.

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                looks like it was a heart attack that killed him, 56 is too young.


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                  A tremendous shock - he was a childhood comedy hero for me, and many from my generation. His infectious energy made me want to be an entertainer. Loved Bottom and The Young Ones, and Lord Flashheart. Got to see the Bottom stage show twice, in 2001 and 2003, so treasured memories there.

                  RIP Rik - a legend.
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