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The Secret Mailing List of the Gaming Journalism Elite Exposed

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  • The Secret Mailing List of the Gaming Journalism Elite Exposed

    I'm actually laughing at this because its so...silly. All the time, effort, and money that these people are spending damning gamers and continuing this weird social justice propaganda war in order to hide the fact that one developer was sleeping around to improve their own career.

    The fact that the owner of 4/chan has actually been linked to some of this nonsense is what makes it funnier. I mean all these resources are being used for nothing essentially, its not damage control, its not back peddling, its lazy propaganda at best.

    I really have to just smile and shake my head at this people.

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    I noticed at the same time this happened Kotaku just happened to run a piece about a bomb threat directed at the GDC for giving Sarkessian her award back in March. The bomb threat was obviously legitimate, the GDC and local authorities have confirmed as much, but it's certainly interesting timing to run that article right now, as if they're trying to misdirect somehow.


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      The bomb threat was legit? Got any sources on hand I'm curious.

      Back in 2000 my college was a few hours away from being the next columbine and the entire campus was evacuated at about 10 am that day, it made the news and the guy was fortunately caught before he could do anything.

      The fact that kotaku is releasing this now, just as they got caught is not an accident.

      Course they're also on the attack against CH Sommers for discrediting them, Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn and the whole anti gamer gate misogyny nonsense.

      Their childish attacks on her have been hilarious, because shes been through all this crap before and it doesn't phase her. She also goes out of her way to cite sources and studies supporting her facts, which is a huge breath of fresh air.
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        While it's in Kotaku's story, I have no reason to doubt it's authenticity as a statement from the GDC. Additionally they named a person from the SFPD as a media spokesperson to verify, who if you Google is certainly a media spokesperson for the SFPD in other news stories.

        "We can confirm that approximately 25 of GDC's organizers received an anonymous email early in the morning of Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 during GDC 2014," the organizers said in a statement.

        "Our EOD conducted a sweep of the premises and found nothing," SFPD spokesperson Albie Esparza told me this week. Asked what became of any investigation of the threat, he said the department had "no further information to share about that." Esparza said that the department responds to all bomb threats.
        I suspect other news sources will probably follow up and confirm this with the GDC and SFPD in due course anyway.

        Your story reminds me of the university in my home city, received a bomb threat at the Health Sci finals date my friend was attending. They evacuated the building the bomb was supposedly in (there was nothing) but not the actual health sci finals which were another building away - turned out one of the students called it in to try and get extra time for their study. Backfired horribly for them, had to take the exam and then were arrested.


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          Ah, Kotaku is on the blacklist so I wont visit the site in anyway, but I will take your word for it.

          So I'll wait and see what other sources have to say when they look into it. An e-mailed bomb threat though, there's something about that that sounds really off to me...I dunno. I mean yeah, in this day and age anyone can anonymously create an e-mail account and do something like this, but the fact that almost wherever Anita goes these things follow her really raises my eyebrow. As much as shes hated, so many people shrug her off. But this at an awards show is big publicity for her and silverstring media.

          But I'm not going to speculate beyond this.

          More interested in how these clowns react to being outed by these e-mail images.
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            Wow, the childish attempts at chastising CH Sommers have caught Richard Dawkins attention, alternatively because of the e-mail/googlegroup Leak now Scott Nichols of IGN, Gamespot, and G4 has chosen to keep with the lie and stick with the corrupt journalists.

            I know I'm like one of 3 people on the forum who keep up with this, and take my time laughing at it because of how absurd it is when you look at the picture as a whole, but its kind of cool to have more outsiders popping in and offering some support or recognition over this situation being bullshit, who happen to be big in their own respective fields.


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              When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong
              I'm a blackstar.


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                Oddly enough apparently 4chan has indeed been infiltrated by the crazy social justice warriors and the owner Moot, may be joining this silly narrative that the games media is trying to push.

                We should feel bad Mark. Apparently you and I, gamers, are part of the evil boys club who wont let women play video games because its a mens only club...Despite the fact that neither of us believe that nonsense one bit.

                I encourage women to play video games, because video games are fun! Everyone should have fun!

                Though now the insane atheist +'ers have found out Dawkins isn't one of them and are damning him. This is really becoming fox news feminists versus gamers, gaming culture, and anyone who doesn't have a problem with gamers and gaming culture.
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                  I don't personally care if gaming journos had a group that they used to talk about games and what they thought about them because lots of like minded people will get together in groups to create discussion even within enclosed space (it was like that with most of the high profile RE webmasters back in the day). If it's about the sort of positive gaming features, retrospectives, and thoughts on recent releases why would anyone care as long as it's not a point to conspiracy. But it's fairly obvious to all that there are members of the group shown to be directing the focus of news content and certainly the way things should be portrayed - it's fairly damming evidence that supports recent complaints about incest ridden issues with many parts of the world of gaming jornos. Even the fact that some of them are defending it shows it existed. Horrible.

                  I visit, it's a NZ gaming site that then expanded into Australia. They're fairly open about their policies and lack a lot of bias and mark opinion pieces very clearly. They even got blacklisted for a while by Activision by declining a promo-review session where their staff would get flown overseas and taking to all sorts of camp things for a CoD release - when they publicly announced they turned this down in the face of fair review policy. Sadly when they expanded into Australia sometime in 2012 they took over the ownership of the operators of AustralianGamer... but that brought later flack when it became apparent people on their staff had direct relationships with people working in the sales departments of two large distributors. Hasn't impacted on the NZ side very much, but it brought enough doubt into things... showing how much you can trust something doesn't mean it'll stay that way.


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                    And heres some more news from the e-mail drop, highlighting who spearheaded some of this diversionary shit(that didn't work).


                    Surprised that Game Informer wanted nothing to do with this, though it still raises questions what else they may have been involved in as these guys have all obviously had previous narratives in the past. Still, its nice to have sources leaking this information, god only knows what else is next. These cancerous reporters and the insane social justice warriors invading everything need to be removed from the discussion.
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