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Restoration canelado Resident Evil 1.5?

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  • Restoration canelado Resident Evil 1.5?

    at this point it seems obvious that the project of restoration of a game is canceled or frozen due to the little information of it is obvious that the team in charge of this restoration not said or mista of which it knows, and video and the images are not enough to see how the game will progress to the little updates and little information that it gives the game inprencion been frozen for two months and already grabbed know nothing about it. even your facebook does not offer anything new.
    the only thing that can get us out of doubt is not to say what the pocentage advance the game, or to release a demo of the more advanced game.
    if you do not do any of the two obvious thing is what I say the game was canceled or frozen.
    Resident Evil: Behind the Mask. I this moment more updated information and images of the game unlike Resident Evil 1.5.

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    Well, is same for me if the project is dead or not, to be honest, my interest on it is completely dead from a long of time, in my opinion the project looks almost dead right now.

    If is not dead, I think at this point they should publish a status of the project (what is done and what remains to be done) or release that famous demo they promised (although I do not see the logic of creating a demo).

    If they do something of what I mentioned, can proof that I and any other (who also think the project is dead) are wrong.


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        I wish I have a brand new GameCube.
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          Originally posted by yurieu View Post
          I wish I have a brand new GameCube.
          "Where's a gamecube when you need one?" ~ Bob (ReBoot) - 1994


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            So I have a friend and is the best Gamecube to play this classic console because I do not have the wii.
            now invest you to Mr.Zork and Dr.Binkirk the restoration team representative of the game to tell us if the game is frozen or canceled, as would not be afraid not.