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    Early Script Apocalypse, a YouTube series I created last year about a Zombie Apocalypse that takes place in an alternate history 1993 ...


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      I finished the first episode of my latest and newest YouTube series! "I created this show as a satire / parody of all of the dime a dozen Top 5,s Top 10s, Top 20s, Etc, all over YouTube. Many of them repeat the same repetitive information, and I've noticed that sometimes they will accidentally throw in a game / movie of the wrong genre (such as putting a Call Of Duty game in an MMORPG list, or a movie of the wrong movie genre in a movie genre list, etc.) I decided to parody this by making a Host who gets *EVERYTHING* hilariously off-the-wall wrong, in a very surreal way. I might create more of these in the future."

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        Finished this little number a couple of days ago. My latest video, which would be one for a song.
        Footage is of Tron Legacy.
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          Yeah I know this doesn't qualify as an actual demo reel & it's a thing I still keep meaning to explain on my channel, and... Yeah, I know. It's weird.

          Anywho, welcome to the second edition of what I like to call 'Purgatorial Productions'; Projects that get created when I'm really depressed. Still not out of the clear yet, but anyway!
          A while back, I did a video of Amnesia - A Machine for Pigs. It was with very poor quality audio & much more amateur techniques. This time, I've become a bit more aware of what to do, so I did some modding of the game itself. Here's the result.

          Enjoy. Maybe. I dunno.
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            I miss YouTube Annotations so I made a video compiling my own annotations as a pseudo-eulogy.

            If you have Twitter, follow me!. =P


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              Here's my YouTube channel. I make remixes and mashups. My most popular stuff is a series of remixes using elements from Serj Tankian and Scars on Broadway songs to make "new" System of a Down music (Serj is the lead singer from SOAD and Scars on Broadway is the guitarist/secondary vocalist's solo project) though there are a lot of other remixes and mashups on there.

              My latest video is a mashup of the Linkin Park demo Dark Crystal with the new Mark Morton (of Lamb of God) song Cross Off which features Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington.