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    Originally posted by Dracarys View Post
    You're all gonna die. The only question is how you check out.
    Regardless of problems the script did arguably have (a young Fincher probably saved the film from being worse) that speech is glorious; right up there almost any shot on film, because it was raw as shit, and so real. And that Goldenthal score just soars in several places. Also just a great film to examine the stages of 'development hell' that bigger budget films are known to go through. I still (sort of) wish Ward's vision in an alternate universe got made instead of Twohy's. Screwy film as regards writer credits, as well.

    Not yet a fan of Blomkamp, but hope it ends up being as good as can be.
    The horror is alive, the horror is expanding; living with the horror, can be demanding


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      i like blomkamp. he make very human film. in many way i think alien3 is type of film blomkamp maybe make, this why him do a new sequel to 2 is very interesting for me when he say he want to do different. i think maybe people too early to judge how blomkamp chose to make sequel to aliens and in some way remove 3 and resurrection from storyline. remember this is series where corporations make many lies and deceptions and also do cloning and such to bring back monsters and you are on a forum for resident evils. maybe it all make sense and pay respect in script