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Leonard Nimoy has died at 83.

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  • Leonard Nimoy has died at 83.

    Goddamn, I was hoping he'd pull through. This really breaks my heart, I was never the biggest Trekkie, but I always enjoyed watching Spock interact with the rest of the enterprise because he was always so different.

    I grew up watching some of the old episodes and the movies with the original cast and I'm glad to have these memories of him as an actor and as a director.

    RIP Leonard :_(

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    Heartbreaking news. RIP Mr. Spock.

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      Terrible news. I'm gonna miss him.

      Apparently, voice work wrapped up on Kingdom Hearts III, so it would seem that Mr. Nimoy's final gift to us will be the conclusion of the Xehanort saga. I look forward to being able to hear him one last time. RIP Leonard, live long (up above!) and prosper.


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        thought a few laughs from Leonard might brighten the day.