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  • Where'd everyone go?

    I've been gone for a while, came back for a few days, left again, and now I'm back again. This forum looks mostly dead, where'd everyone go? Did people just lose interest or did I miss something big?

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    Originally posted by Karui View Post
    I've been gone for a while, came back for a few days, left again, and now I'm back again. This forum looks mostly dead, where'd everyone go? Did people just lose interest or did I miss something big?
    Games are too generic these days i think.


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      Yeah, I have finished RE 6 yet, but I can definitely say I'm a bit disappointed.


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        I'm still around! Just lurking more often than not.


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          They went to play bingo.
          Seibu teh geimu?


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            I was wondering the same. i remember the days i checked and there were new threads and new posts very often.

            Since Dotcal left, the forums have been mostly dead.

            I still love RE very much, and i even have a youtube channel about the franchise, but i checked on other websites and forums more often than here.


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              I'm still here.
              Haven't played RE in a while. Life kinda gets in the way


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                That's understandable, life got in the way for me too for a while.


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                  This forum is dead because most members cared only about the 1.5 thread. Hopefully RE2 remake and RE7 will revive THIA.


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                    Many members died following the aftermath of the great Sinbad / Arnold Schwarzenegger War as they both were fighting to obtain the 1.5 80% build to give to their sons for Christmas (although technically, Sinbad really wanted it for himself and didn't really have a son). These events will eventually be made and adapted into a movie called Resident Evil All The Way. It'll be really hilarious!
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                      idk why but that made me laugh a lot.


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                        its mostly because many fans have crippled hope in the franchise, RE6 dealt a devastating blow to morale.
                        hell a few months ago i was ecstatic over RE1 remaster & revelations 2 (which is a GREAT game! it actually has sensible gameplay + the DLC complaint is exaggerated. the whole game is $40 & includes Hunk for free, the only DLC thats worth buying is Raid Wesker & Extra chapters Moria's survival/Natalia's quest)

                        im finally back, i logged on a while ago only to see everyone drooping their heads talking about moving on from RE.. very off putting so i took a break. i feel like capcom finally realized they fucked up real bad, but the way they are rethinking their ways with recent events this year makes me feel hopeful.

                        all i can say is thank goodness for the Revelations saga, if not for the 1st one RE6 would easily been the fatal blow but instead the fandom's cardiogram is on red, orange for me after Rev2 (PS sinji Mikami is back by the way! he is in revelations 2's credits)


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                          Finally got back from a 4 year hiatus actually..


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                            From my end...mostly Real Life REALLY keeping me busy for the past year and a half or so, and mostly lurking.

                            Most people being lurkers or not providing discussion or new threads is another, but I barely blame it for my absence...and it's completely understandable as to why some people aren't as active.

                            We're going through a very dry season of RE main titles, or anything RE-related in general, news and maybe even when it comes to the Horror-genre as a whole to be quite honest.

                            Dot50Cal's absence has crippled the forums quite a bit as well, as many other key old members...but I'm confident we'll get a resurgence of activity when RE2make lands and/or when we get any news on a new RE-core title!

                            Edit: Also to be real here, but it could merely be speculation from my part entirely...Forums in general, I feel have become more of something of the past as opposed to 'Social Media' & 'Blogs/Blog Posts/Comment Sections' which seem to be (somewhat) the new form of communication between strangers or an entire community, albeit very flawed in terms of an organized format of 'mostly' a multitude of faceless contributors that come and go.
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                              First time back to the forums in months myself, just lost interest in the series really.

                              The main reason I joined this forums (besides being a Resident Evil fan, of course) was because of Bioflames and the search for 1.5, I lurked on Bioflames for years until I actually registered in late 2006. When the Playstation Museum Curator fiasco happened in September (I think?) 2007, I learned about this site, lurked a bit here and then finally registered in January 2008.

                              Ever since we got 1.5 and I finally played it, seemed like it was just time to move on. That and the fact that the Resident Evil series is pretty fucked up and is only getting worse, RE6 was a fucking joke and I haven't even bothered to play REvelations 2, looks absolutely bollocks!

                              REmaster HD was nice, but the complete lack of any new gameplay features just makes me really not care anymore, I wouldn't have actually bought it myself if it wasn't gifted to me on Steam. I might pick up the HD remaster of REZero, dunno.

                              I struggle to even pick up and play the old games anymore, I love them, but I kind of prefer them just as good memories these days. I don't know if I'd even care if the 80% build was leaked, lol.